Who We Are

We Fix Broken Stuff!

The Overhead Door Company of New Orleans offers you an experienced team of installation and service professionals for Residential Doors, Loading Dock Equipment, and Commercial Material Handling Equipment. From Houma to Covington, we’re ready to conduct emergency repairs, design a brand-new loading dock, or install the dock equipment and overhead doors you need for your business.

We’re a division of DuraServ Corp. Our affiliation with this veteran company means that we can tackle any local installation challenge with the support of a nationwide network of manufacturers, loading dock professionals, and extraordinarily dedicated employees. We want to be the only company you think of when you need Loading Dock and Overhead Door Services in Louisiana.

Overhead Door Company of New Orleans. Call Us for Parts & Service

While we’re known as an overhead door company with one of the most extensive selections of Commercial Overhead Doors, we’re also at the forefront of the Loading Dock Equipment industry with our parent company, DuraServ. We’ve worked with an incredibly diverse number of clients, from those operating in high-security facilities to companies working in heavy industrial industries like mining and construction. We’ve also served many retail clients in New Orleans and across the Pelican State.

We Sell the Best in Residential Doors & Loading Dock Products

When you work with The Overhead Door Company of New Orleans, you have access to an astonishing number of products, from Commercial Doors and Industrial Fans to Dock Levelers, Dock Lifts, and a variety of safety devices like Dock Safety Barriers. An additional benefit of working with us is that we can also handle your Loading Dock Design, whether it’s for a completely new installation or you’re in the midst of an upgrade or renovation at your facility.

Our Loading Dock Design Services can help you improve the productivity at your worksite, enhance the safety enjoyed by your employees, and reduce the capital costs associated with future Retrofits and Enhancements to your operation. You may be able to reduce costly emergency maintenance problems at your New Orleans business site by allowing us to take care of the essential, critical details of your loading dock design. We also provide Proactive Maintenance, so you can rest assured that your facility and its equipment are in tip-top shape.

We are also proud to offer the best residential doors in the city of New Orleans. We ensure that each of our residential door products comes with the quality and reliability that our customers know and trust.

Our Brands

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Values at Work

Company Goals

  • Take great care of every customer.
  • Treat employees well and with respect.
  • Be “first and best” in all markets in servicing customers.

Employee Commitment

  • Be accessible to customers and co-workers.
  • Be accountable to yourself and the company for your performance.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
  • Be a team player, hustle and have a great attitude.

Why We Succeed

At the heart of every client interaction at the Overhead Door Company of New Orleans is a set of six guiding principles that we strive for each day. Not only do we adhere to a “service first” policy, but we also use our years of experience to foster long-term relationships with clients and grow our company with the help of our committed employees. Here are the rules we live by and why we succeed with every project we undertake.

  • Service First.

    In the past, our focus was on delivering the best products possible to our clients. Still, we expanded our focus as a “service first” provider where our employees are tasked with providing the best possible experience for our customers, whether it’s in Loading Dock Repair in Covington, delivery of a residential door to Slidell, or the design of a brand-new loading dock in Destrehan. We want to be the first company you think of when you need Overhead Doors, Loading Docks, or related equipment.

  • One Customer – One Contact

    We are a customer-focused company, first and foremost, for all of our customers in New Orleans, St. Rose, Mandeville, and beyond. When you call The Overhead Door Company of New Orleans professionals, we want to be able to start work on your project immediately and make all follow-up communications a hassle-free experience. That’s why we adhere to a “one customer, one contact” policy, so you spend less time on the phone whenever you have a question.

  • Large Retails

    One of our most exciting Areas of Growth has been with large retail companies. As a division of DuraServ Corp, we have access to an incredible nationwide network of installation professionals and equipment, and we can also draw upon our well-stocked warehouses to get work started quickly. We can leverage our national reach with your Fortune 500 company and use those resources to serve your “mom and pop” business.

  • Compete as a Team

    Every project we undertake is a team effort, and our employees know how important it is to work together to reach the finish line without stumbles and setbacks. Not only are we committed to completing your order, project, or repair in a timely manner, but we’re also steadfast in our efforts at maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved in the project.

  • Committed Employees

    The most successful companies in the world all have one thing in common: they have employees who are dedicated to the success of the organization and the success of every project with every client. We keep in close contact with our employees, wherever they might be, so they know we care about their safety and work satisfaction. We hold regular meetings with our entire staff to keep everyone in the loop and teach about essential company changes and project opportunities.

  • Experience and Tenure

    Some of our employees have been in the industry for more than 40 years. This time in service is a testament to the dedication our company inspires in our employees. When you work with a group of people for years – or decades – you’re able to work in an incredibly efficient manner, which benefits your own company’s bottom line, as well as enhances the overall experience that each client has during an installation, service call, or other work.

The Overhead Door Company of New Orleans is Ready to Improve Your Business

Are you a warehouse owner in Kenner? Do you have a retail business in Metairie? Are you a new member of the Ponchatoula business community? We want to be your source for anything and everything related to loading dock equipment and overhead door installation. Call us today to see how we can help your business grow.